Who are we?

Femme Friends

As an advocacy project, Femme Friends provides insights into the importance of menstruation dignity for South African women through sharing the stories, plights and pleas of those affected, those who are driving change and those who are lending their voices to advocate for change.

According to Africa Check, the promise made by President Jacob Zuma to provide menstruation care products to impoverished women and girls has not been kept.

The promise was made when the President delivered the State of the Nation address in 2011 where he said:

“Given our emphasis on women’s health, we will broaden the scope of reproductive health rights and provide services related to amongst others, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, teenage pregnancy and sanitary towels for the indigent.”

For communities who heavily rely on public services and support programmes, lack of access to basic items like sanitary towels negatively affects self-esteem, confidence and education.

To gain an understanding of the importance of access to menstruation care products and the negative impact of the lack of delivery on this promise; key perspectives to consider is that of learners and individuals who support the cause for menstruation dignity.  These are stories we will tell here.

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Our mission at Femme Friends is to:

Increase awareness

Increase awareness of the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products through sharing stories of those who are most affected

Create visibility

Create visibility of existing programs and support campaigns for menstruation dignity

Engage in narratives

Engage in narratives that breaks down menstruation taboos and create opportunities that could impact social change

Create education opportunities

Create menstruation education opportunities for school-going boys and girls

Lobby government

Lobby government to provide menstrual hygiene products through existing service programs; Health, Education, Social Development

Connect those in need

Connect those in need with those who are driving change

Enabling change requires a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of those most affected – plights and pleas must be heard, action must be acknowledged and activism must happen.